About TableAds® ®

Learn about us and how our restaurants, communities, and
local businesses thrive together!

Started in June 2009

...on a Family Dinner Night out!
We’re Jenifer Enterprises, a local family-owned and operated business headquartered in  South St. Augustine, FL.  Or as we like to call, it, “home”.
Our company started with the desire to develop unique, previously untapped advertising opportunities for local businesses, allowing them to address the community they serve directly.
We quickly understood that what we needed to discover was a common ground denominator, locations where most of the community visits and that have not yet been tapped from an advertising standpoint.
Now, what’s the ONE thing we ALL do every day? No, not that one… Okay, what’s the OTHER thing we do every day? You know what, this is not going to work out. EAT! We all eat every day, don’t we?
And we all love and support our local restaurants. The food, the people, the atmosphere. It's more than just eating, it's going out to a place you love that also happens to serve food.

"So, if you think about it, this might be a match made in Heaven...all these local restaurants like this one, that we love coming to, they all need tables to serve their customers on, clearly. And local businesses? Like us? We need direct ways to advertise to the community around us... Are you following along?"

Michael , CEO & Co-Founder

(2009, June, moments before the birth of TableAds*)

*see how I missed the ® sign up there? I didn't. It wasn't registered back then...

Serving The Community

TableAds®, what is it all about?

You’ve probably put two and two together by now, but here it is:

TableAds® is an innovative service meant to cover both ends of the locally owned business environment. For restaurants, we offer to replace their tables with brand new high-quality laminate ones.  Then we have our team of professional installers replace the old ones. The top of these tables has advertising space available for local businesses, which can place their ads directly on the table tops. 

If it helps, you can think of it as the perfect local service (we like to think of it that way), as it is serving both businesses and the community around them. In one direction, the system brings new patrons to the restaurants, as advertisers will often visit their TableAds® locations and encourage their clients to visit them as well. In the other direction, local businesses gain access to prime advertising real estate, right in front of the eyes of the surrounding community they are targeting. It really doesn’t get any better than this!!! Except it does…

Because restaurants get our tables for free. They are showcased for two years, which gives local businesses 2 years of advertising. After the 2 years, we return with new tables and offer the spaces to new advertisers. 

We work with our sales team and our clients to offer an incredibly unique and affordable community support advertising opportunity.


Are you a RESTAURANT looking to become a TableAds® location and replace all your tables for free, while driving in more clientele? Or maybe a LOCAL BUSINESS  looking to promote its services or products directly to the community?

Whatever your answer is, fill in this form and let us do the rest for you! TableAds®! You didn’t even know about it 5 minutes ago, and now you can’t live without it!