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We  service Alabama (AL), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), and Mississippi (MS),
but constantly expanding, as everyone wants a piece of the TableAds® experience.
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Jenifer Enterprises - TableAds®

For both Business Advertisers & Restaurants

Our TableAds® captivate restaurant customers while they are eating, having business meetings, or just passing the time. They see your business advertisements in a way never seen before, and as our customers, both restaurants and those who advertise within say daily – “This was the best Marketing that I have ever used …

Do you want to show your products and services to an audience that enjoys “Table-Talking” about you? Give us a call or use the form below; we are here to show you how you can advertise efficiently for less than $3/day.



Are you a RESTAURANT looking to become a TableAds® location and replace all your tables for free, while driving in more clientele? Or maybe a LOCAL BUSINESS  looking to promote its services or products directly to the community?

Whatever your answer is, fill in this form and let us do the rest for you! TableAds®! You didn’t even know about it 5 minutes ago, and now you can’t live without it!